The Marvin Youth Group’s unrelenting focus is to shape sincere and practical disciples of Jesus Christ. How do we do this? First, by having fun , yet Godly fellowship!

Wednesday evenings is our “fun night”. We might play volleyball, wiffleball, softball, basketball, ping pong…or we might just chill and watch a movie. We’re a group that’s more concerned with being together than we are with keeping score on the court.

The other method of discipleship is by learning who we are as children of God. Sunday evenings begin with a meal, where we eat and laugh together. This is followed by a more formal lesson where we explore the Bible and apply its teachings to our everyday lives. It’s a comfortable discussion type atmosphere where people can ask questions and receive answers in a respectful and relevant manner. We discuss everything from current events to deep concepts of theology. We believe in being educated Christians who can share the wonders and love of our Lord with the world around us through prayer, attitude and action.

If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, please drop in and visit.