Communion Servers


September, 2016 – November, 2016


  • Claude Boyd
  • Melody Boyd
  • Miranda Clapp


  • Youth Sunday – Youth will serve communion


  • Desi Barlow
  • Jim Derryberry
  • Gail Derryberry

*Communion is always the first Sunday of the month.

 If you are unavailable to serve on the month you are assigned, please find a substitute from the following list: David Martin, Jim Derryberry, Gail Derryberry, Stephen Yates, Katie Parker, Anna Lauren Parker, Claude Boyd, Melody Boyd, Belinda Peacher, Desi Barlow, Miranda Clapp, and Paula Eure.

You are more than welcome to ask someone off this list, if you’ve exhausted all of your resources. Just be sure to hand off the instructions to this new person & they want to continue to serve, tell them I’d love to add them to the schedule. Please expect to receive the communion server schedule quarterly and a phone call prior to your Sunday to serve so I can ensure I have adequate coverage for communion.

Thank you to each of you for your continued service to worship ministry!